Photography Info Harry Dukker


Photography from age 14, series since 1968, expositions since 1985, photo books from 2010 and PhotoMovies since 2012.

Haarlem (Netherlands)1950

1968 – today: ‘Around the World’: urban/street photography ‘to catch the times’: graffiti, people, architecture, posters, text, railway lines, tv-images, bridges, metrostations, etc.

1995 – today: ‘Big Sky’ photos: wide land- and sea-scapes with often low horizons and big cloudy skies – ‘looking for space’. More recently evolving in desloate, barren lanscapes images (‘Beyond Time’ series).

From 2004 onwards my photography gets into different gear branching out to different topics, enlarging on Urban/street and Big Sky imagery, sometimes using montage techniques. Like the ‘Living on Borrowed Time’ series with my family-history and the Shoah as background, or ’36 View on Mount Fuji’ which was shown in different cities in Japan.

1990 – 2008: taking part in different photo groups like ‘7even Photographers’

2005 – 2006: ‘Het Tweede Jaar’, Photography Training, UCK, Utrecht

2009: ‘Histories and Theories of Photography’, Lecture series Master in Photography, University of Leiden, Neteherlands

Member of ‘De Ploegh’, Dutch fine art society


Straatfoto’s, (Street Photos): Theatre Desmet, Amsterdam (1985),    LOKV, Utrecht (1985)

Godfathers, De Balie, Amsterdam (1986), Talkingheads, Public Library Utrecht (1989)

Southern India, Public Library Lunetten, Utrecht (1988)

The Bea photos, UCK, Utrecht (1989)

Slow, Public Library, Utrecht (2005)

Dood Gras (litt. Dead Grass), Photo Festival Naarden Off (2007);    Kunstmaand (Art) Ameland (2007)

WinterZee, Kunstmaand (Art) Ameland (2007);     Art Centre De Kolk, Spaarndam (2008);   Open Studios Utrecht (2009)

Onrust in de Polder? (litt. Unrest in the Polder?), photomontages, UCK, Utrecht (2009)

Living on Borrowed Time series :  

        The Harry Photo’s (2000 – 2010),

        The Berlin Photo’s (2008),

        The Writing on the Wall (2009),

Kunstmaand (Art) Ameland (2011),   Open Studios Utrecht (2012)

The Harry Photos, Podium Oost, Utrecht (2017).

The Writing on the Wall + Israel Palestine Street Talk, Curated in Utrecht (2010)

Bunker, War is Over, Art Library Utrecht (2011), YouTube

36 Views on Mount Fuji, Home expo (2014),  Japan Market, Sieboldhuis, Leiden (2014);   Gallery Kai, Osaka (2015),  Gallery of Cultural Path Hyakka-Kyakusō, Nagoya (2015);   The Former Nagasaki International Club, Dejima, Nagasaki (2016); VOC Warehouse Hirado (2016); Misumi Warehouse, Misoumi West-Port (2016); Tonami Tulip Gallery, Tonami (2017)

1943, Verdwenen uit de Stadhouderslaan ,  Podium Oost, Utrecht (2015), Open Studios Utrecht (2016)

41° a 54° Sur & 73° a 67° Oeste, Huntenkunst, Ulft (2017), Nieuwe Utrechtse Kunstmarkt  (New Utrecht Artmarket) (2017)

Orionweg, exposition Schuilplaats, 033Fotostad / De Ploegh Gallery, Amersfoort (2016)

Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland (2019)

Photo Books:

Japanese Snapshots (2010)

Tokyo Scenes (2012)

China on the Move (2010)

Israel Palestine Street Talk (2010)

Living on Borrowed Time: de Harry foto’s, de Berlijn Foto’s, the Writing on the Wall (2011)

Iceland (2011)

NYC Snaps (2013)

36 Views on Mount Fuji (2013), Japanese version (2015)



Mount Fuji PhotoMovies (2012)

On the Yamanoto Line (2008)

On the Toei Oedoe Line (2008)

Osaka Loop Line (2016)

Life is an Ocean 1 & 2 (2017)


In Progress:

Beyond Time, FriesLandLucht PhotoMovies